Anybody on tianeptine?

it probably isnt available in USA but others have it…

its an atypical tricyclic that modulate ndma and ampa receptors
also its SSRE or specific serotonin reuptake Enhancer
many researchers also says that this ad can REVERSE damage done to the brains neuroplasticity

more on link below

im trying to get my pdoc to prescribe it to me for two months now
to no avail because she insist on stupid ssris and snris
right now im on duloxetin after venlafaksine paroxetine fluoxetine escitalopram wellbutrin and half a dozen of other antidepressants
they obviously doesnt help me with negatives but no - god forbid that i try something different

so if somebody does take it i would like to know how s/he feels
ive heard it helps with anhedonia which i blame for my inability to read and learn hobbies

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I’ve also tried several ssri and snri like duloxetine venlafaxine mirtazapine … they don’t help with negatives.

I haven’t tried tianeptine.

I think its not good to watch any medicine that helps negative symptoms …cuz its already proven negative symptoms are hard to treat by present psy medicine be it a anti ps or ssri ssnri or benzo…

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i have new appointment in two months
im gonna take duloxetine 60mg as prescribed
but if she insists further that i should take it im gonna order tianpetine online

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Ordering meds online and taking them without your doctor’s knowledge can be dangerous. Why doesn’t she want you to take it? Had the explained her reasons for not letting you try it?

there is no treatment for it but you can maybe alleviate negatives
and i would be fine with that

nope no explanations just “continue with this snri”

healthy people use it as nootropic drug but also to get high on extremely high doses

Can u order psy med online… take it under docs recommedation… plz man…!!! Kuck sup man …what are u upto …???

its well researched chemical and you can order it from USA sites that already sell nootropics

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That is very interesting. Perhaps it’s not used because it can increase dopamine levels, although it’s not clear to me if the areas in the brain where there is an increase (in mice) are problematic in psychosis. I did read that it can worsen depression in bipolar.

Keep us posted.

Here’s a case study (the results of one person) with sz.

(The TL:DR is that it helped her depression and she remained stable.)

Oh and it doesn’t appear to be available in the US (at least by prescription) and it may be mildly addictive. But, so are benzos. Warrants caution certainly.

i was prescribed tianeptine finally and i’ve been taking it for almost two months now
not a miracle drug in any way but it does help me somewhat with anhedonia
for example i can feast on my favorite sci fi shows again
haven’t tried to read books yet but i think it will go well too since i dont have blockade toward reading long articles anymore

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