Anybody listen to asmr

I have trouble going to sleep/ along with nighttime (etc). Listen to a thing called asmr, definitely could be described as weird, but it helps me fall asleep. Wondering if anyone else listens to it who has sleeping problems, along with any more advice/techniques to help with going to sleep.
Take it easy ~ chris

As in… ?

@notmoses yes ^. …

There is a wide range of asmr videos out there. Some are weird others are alright.

For a long time, stretching back to before the onset of sz, I have been listening to talk-radio before sleeping. Around the time I go to bed, the station typically features an in-depth interview of an hour. Also discusses backgrounds to the news extensively. I usually fall asleep with this on very low volume. Sometimes it provides themes to dream about, like the other day when this part of the wing of the missing airplane was found on Reunion, I had dreamt about this island and seeing an airplane there on the beach. When I heard it on the morning news for a moment I thought this was a cool coincidence but I figured it out in a few seconds.

Funny enough, such has never fed into my delusions when psychotic while it is easy to see how it could. During psychosis this habit of listening to the radio was reinforced, for at some point, the voices on the radio would distract me from those in my mind. At the time I played the radio much louder than I do now, just to increase the salience of it. That of course did not make it easy to sleep, but it gave me some rest to listen to a neutral voice that wasn’t speaking at me. Fortunately I did not got any delusions of reference, that would easily have taken away this little bit of solace from me.

asmr , that has happened to me since i was like 5 years old. it happens when someone does something for me. like maybe write something down for me, or help me with a math problem infront of me, or a hair cut, stuff like that.

ASMR is sooo helpful to me for falling asleep. I listen to videos and podcasts of people whispering.

I also recommend ASMR apps. These work well bc they have sleep timers and oodles of whispers and other relaxing sounds.

My iPhone used to keep me awake (surfing stuff), now with ASMR apps it helps me to fall asleep (this sentence sounds like a corny commercial!).

Has anyone else tried ASMR apps?, I think I have tried them all!