Anybody likes to chat


It is not cold outside currently, maybe -1 degrees C, I have not been riding my bicycle because the bicycle paths are frozen, 16 days to Christmas.


I’d like to chat. I’m one and a half hours early to a christmas lunch, so I’m trying not to die from boredom :stuck_out_tongue:
How are you?
What are your plans for Christmas?


I had a walk outside, Christmas will be as usual, I’ll spend Xmas alone as always.


Since I became a Bahai, the message of Christmas is much clearer. I love the season even though, officially, I don’t celebrate it anymore.


I like good Christmas food and Christmas music, many people may spend Christmad alone, fortunately we have these discussion groups and forums where we can chat even when we’ll spend our Christmas alone.


I just found out Americans don’t have Christmas crackers


I’m a big family person. The few christmases I’ve had to spend away from my family, I was sad.



I just went for a drive and stopped to take a picture of this view.


What are Christmas crackers?


These things you hang them on a Christmas tree or put them on a table and you pull them and they explode. Whoever gets the large part of the cracker gets the things inside it. Normally a joke, present and a paper hat.


Probably the only thing i like about Christmas is Christmas crackers !!


Fun! I should get some for my family!


My head is too big for the hats!


I love Xmas, its really cool :slight_smile:


Anybody there? I have not been riding my bicycle for two weeks because the paths are frozen and I do not have winter tires, how is your winter / summer?


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