Anybody likes to chat? New Years

I am going to spend my New Years alone in my place, I’ll probably see the city’s fireworks from my balcony, I am often alone, but I do not suffer from being alone, it is peaceful and I can do some writing which I enjoy a lot. And you?


Do you have any writing you’d like to share?

I have written all kinds of personal matters such as hearing voices and other things like that, medications and for example how I do not follow politics and so on. I use a pen and paper, I got two big paper notebooks a week ago … I like to see my handwriting in this world where many people use their computers to write their notes. I write now in Finnish, in the past I used English too.

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It’s better to spend it alone than be disappointed by people.


I started keeping my diaries already in 1985 … I have many video tapes I took when I was in America but I have not yet figured out how I could transfer these videos to my computer, they probably sell some equipment for doing so.

We have the presidential election in 2018, I know that the current President wins, sometimes I write about things like that, I probably do not vote, … Russia has also the presidential election in 2018, I know that the current President wins … but I am not interested in politics.

It is sometimes fun to read my journal entries that I may have done over 10 years ago, I can clearly read what type of delusions I may have had at that time, it is therapeutic

It is very interesting…

It is quiet here tonight, well tonight here where I am, I’ll start sleeping soon, maybe I’ll write a couple of pages still tonight, the reason why I do not publish my entries on the net is because these are very personal … maybe the future generations can read my notes in the future …

I haven’t visited the Spanish Monastery yet.

I have a lot of handwritten materials, I have two suitcases full of my notebooks, I store these notebooks in the plastic bags, a trick I learned in Miami to avoid my notes becoming wet in the hot Miami weather when it rained almost every day.

It is warm now, but at least the humidity is bearable.

We have zero celcius (32 F degrees) here, do you often visit Miami Beach, Ocean Drive and so on?

No, not often. I’m near the Everglades.

I liked living in Europe. Much higher quality of life.


I’m probably going to be alone New year’s. If I can get up tomorrow, I’ll visit Mother. Today is day 2 of no meds. The pharmacy screwed up and only put 5 days of meds in my weekly pack. I’ll be back on meds tomorrow. I can say my mind isn’t as foggy, but I’m really nervous and high strung. I stayed in the bed until 11am this morning. It all depends on whether I can sleep tonight and get up tomorrow.

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I’m a combat veteran so I get triggered when I’m around lots of drunk people and explosions. I mean life in general triggers me but especially drunk people and explosions

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In many ways I like living alone but sometimes I get so lonely. I’m pretty sure I’ll be alone for New years. I miss my husband.


Do you ever go back and read your notebooks? It would probably be interesting and bring back memories of the time when it was written.

I read my older notebooks sometimes, good and bad memories, but I am glad I have written so much.