Anybody knows any med for thoughts going over and over

Is this normal? To have thoughts all the time, mostly negative and shaming ones.

Is there a medicine for that?

sounds like you may be depressed man. Are you Sza? If things are getting to hard you might want to ask your doctor about an anti-depressant, but personally in the longterm i think it would be best to increase your serotonin naturally with:

  1. Exercise
  2. Light therapy
  3. Friendship/Generosity
  4. foods like meat,dairy, peanut butter

these all raise serotonin and help give you more control over your thoughts

More serotonin or dopamine makes me psychotic

oh really? okay true. Maybe it just depends on where that dopamine and serotonin are as well

I tried exercise and I almost flead the country trying to escape my imaginary delusions

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