Anybody is investing?

Do you guys invest in funds/actions or other financial instruments?

Or even day trading which seems to high risk

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I invest in some stocks, some funds, retirement fund and real estate.

I think if you’re starting it is more interesting to invest in stocks as funds will bore you to death. Alternatively, you could invest a set amount each month so you buy at average prices and don’t risk to buy at the wrong time.

However, prices are high at the moment so I would worry about timing.

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Thing is funds are the safest because theyre run by profesionals who know what they are doing.

Invest a small amount, maybe 100 dollars every month and have patience, in 10 15 years you will make quite a small fourtune.

Invest in your local bank blue chips fund because you only need to buy a fund unit which is lower then the whole price of an stock action

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Research shows that funds on average don’t generate alpha, meaning that they don’t outperform the market. Moreover active funds have more costs. There’s a famous research that demonstrated that monkeys did as well as professionals in selecting the right stocks.

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I’ve got some money in shares, some in a managed fund and some in crypto.


Can you link me that research because I learn about fundamental and technical analysis


I wanted to read the book which warren buffet recomands about tehnical anylisis, but since i give my money to investment funds i think they know better what to do with my money

I studied economics 15 years ago, and I remember learning that. Maybe there are new insights. I don’t have any research on hand but you could google ‘active vs. passive funds’. it’s an age-old debate.

I mean the part where no skills are involved in picking stocks


Its preety much clear that was some pop research made by monkeys aspiring to the job Field :rofl:

There are many different ones. This is one by the Wall Street Journal.

Another one:

I made small investments in funds. Mostly passive funds. I started it the year before last year and am still learning.

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My money is in government backed premium bonds

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