Anybody here invests?

I dont know much about it but i started some months ago.

I have investments in stocks. I haven’t messed with them in awhile. Pretty much just letting them ride as is.

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Yee man.

That’s a good idea! Let them multiple :joy:

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Be careful with investing…its more complicated than it looks.


I invest in micro investments.

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same, i picked stocks and just left it untouched

I have government premium bonds

Each month they do a draw and you win money that’s more than the interest you’d make in the bank

It’s 100% safe and you can only gain from it

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I can’t have any investments in order to have cheap housing. I think I can but it would raise my rent. I can only get by because of cheap rent and inflation is skyrocketing. I got a haircut yesterday and it was $38 and he just shaved my head. I’m looking for a new barber.

For gov bond over a year here the intrest rate is 3.5%

Over three years 4 %

And over 5 years 5%

We have a thing called ISAs here that are similar

Premium bonds you can get your money back at any time

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