Anybody here bipolar paranoid schizophrenic


I took one bipolar test and turned out that I was bipolar with paranoid sz.


I got a 17. Probably not bipolar.


Yes I have both, bipolar and schizophrenia - big time


Ouch. Scored a 30.

*high probability of having Bipolar Spectrum disorder

Schizophrenia+Bipolar= Schizoaffective disorder?


i scored 48! ,yyy


apparently i am bipolar and paranoid sz i scored 48


I scored 22. Mildly Bipolar but not diagnosed with anything but Sz


My score was 58 - Im not surprised


I scored 34, I know I have daily ups and downs.


I scored a 40 but I am SZA


I got 12. Not bipolar. But my pdoc talks bipolar. I have depressions but no manic acting.


I forgot to mention I took a borderline personality disorder test and meet the criteria. So I would say I’m not a bipolar schizophrenic but a borderline schizophrenic.
blah blah blah… so many different names for the same mental distress


bipolar and borderline are two different type disorders, but they can share some symptoms. I may have traces of borderline traits as well


My score was 5, suggesting major depression (which, at one time, I was diagnosed with). I was also diagnosed bipolar by one confused psychiatric nurse practitioner.

I don’t read too much into it.

Questionnaires can give a general idea of mental health, but should not be used instead of a thorough history and exam by a qualified mental health practitioner.




My score is 19. Maybe slightly bipolar with paranoid schizophrenia