Anybody here a "poor metabolizer"?


I would like to know if anybody here knows if they’re a so-called “poor metabolizer”. As far as I understand it that means that you don’t tolerate the usual doses of certain medications and should be much lower. I’m not recommending anyone to switch their dose on their own (in case anyone here thinks that), I just want to put this information out there in case it hasn’t been said yet. There is also, among others, another group of metabolizers called “ultra-rapid metabolizer” where higher than normal doses are recommended.

There is a gene called CYP2D6 that is involved with the metabolization of certain antipsychotics, for example Risperdal and Abilify. Since I am currently taking Abilify and struggling pretty badly (as with most antipsychotics) I’m seriously thinking about getting a test to see what type of metabolizer I am. I’m hoping that this will improve my treatment, if I indeed turn out to be a poor metabolizer. There is a pretty big fear of being disappointed, though, that I won’t be able to find a reason why I don’t seem to be able to tolerate these meds like other people do.

Back to my question: To anyone who has been recognized as a poor metabolizer, how has it changed your life? Also for those who might be struggling and don’t know why, this topic might be worth looking into for you.




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Carrier of one CYP2D6 decreased or non-functioning variant. Your body may have a reduced ability to process some medicines. You are a carrier for rs1065852(T;T)

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CYP2D6*10 reduced metabolism

This from promethease.

They wanted to test me for it, some psychiatrist recommended it. They didnt though, so i dont know!

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