Anybody have teamspeak?

Does anybody have teamspeak?

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Are you ok man

I’m good brother.

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I don’t have Teamspeak, but I do use Discord, and so do some other users from this forum

Firemonkey banned me from Discord for siding with a mod.

Dude you are suspended here too. If the mods catch you it will be increased

Jusr apologize to @firemonkey

I kicked you for lying and trolling in saying I was trolling on that forum thread. I had warned you about trolling. You are not banned. Do the right thing if you want to come back ,or don’t if you don’t want to. It’s your choice.

Lol do you guys have a little teamspeak group about SZ forum

Cute man

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I’ll pass…

Fair enough. You’ll be missed by a few people.

I’m also on discord. Do y’all play games or what?

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