Anybody have school work due tonight?

If you do, can we cry together? I have a 20 slide pp due on why race matters. The short answer is it shouldn’t, but it does in the criminal justice system.


Schools are weird… it seems like the exercise and student would benefit if they asked for 20 slides on possible ways to improve racial equality in the justice system… wether the students examples have practical applications irl doesnt matter… its teaching people to think critically rather than regurgitate facts and figures…

Good luck with the slides…

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I tend to agree with you… The problem is if it’s opinion that’s too easy. I’d be done in about five minutes. The way this professor does it makes sure you at least skim the readings. That’s the whole goal to retain the info they throw out. Although like I said, I just skim the readings anyway. I can retain the core concepts, but not the finer details. The finer details are pointless imo so I don’t waste time. I’m just trying to get the piece of paper tbh. Cheating myself or not that’s the way I’ve always done it. Maybe if I tried harder I would get more of a sense of accomplishment.

I’ve got my lab class tonight. I’m running on 4 hours of sleep and it runs from 5-8pm. I’ve gotta be so focused. I’m afraid I’ll fall asleep. I’m so tired. I will cry with you.


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