Anybody got any really simple music software

i find it really hard to record my music, it should be easy but God is making it harder for me, making me all the more kean, i have a lot of ideas in my head that i would like to spill out and listen, then maybe i could put music to it or it can give me some ideas, i love singing.

i’m looking for simple software where all i need to do is record my voice while i listen to it to help me sing better because thats what works with me, just something simple

Back in the day I used to use Fruity Loops 9. I wrote music in MIDI format, then used VST plug-ins to convert the MIDI to mp3-esque sounds & instruments. It was a lot of fun, but alas those days are over.

Try Fruity Loops, maybe? It’s a pretty simple audio-creation software.

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I use audacity it’s good

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