Anybody go to college and never graduated

I went to a university part time and never graduated.


I have three online classes to go to get my AA degree. I’m just getting my degree for my own satisfaction, the chances are slim that I’ll ever use it. I started college in 1984, now finishing up is just a matter of pride.

I’m signed up for my next class, it starts September 21st. It’s all paid for, it’s Philosophy and I think it will be interesting.


I went to college for a year then dropped out and went to work in the fall 1978. In 2003 I finished an AA degree.

I went on the gi bill took a lot of classes couse I did not know what to do but now I think I know what I want to do but probably won’t do it

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i went and never finished, i have about 50 credit hours from a big state university and a community college locally.

im undecided on whether or not i will go back to school. i don’t like giving my money away, but i do like to study on my own.

if i go back to school, it will be online college, which is still in it’s infancy. im hopen to find a horticulture program online. right now, i’ve only found 2 online horticulture programs offered by colorado state and oregon state.

I spent 3 years in university and never finished.

I was going for criminal justice, but went to Afghanistan my last year instead of finishing. :monkey::monkey::monkey:


I dropped out before third year so I didn’t get my bsc, but they gave me a diploma for my two years so I still earned something.

I did graduate a 90 credits university program while on Abilify but my grades sucked at the end. I would have never graduated if I wasn’t on Abilify.

I went to college for 3 years, then dropped out. I have like 80 something credits to my name, and I’m hoping to finish school online with a degree in geography. I was looking into going this fall, but we started the application process too late. Plus, I’m not sure I have the cognition and focus to finish a degree :grimacing: We shall see…

I went to a 4 year university and spent 1 year there and ended up transferring to a different 4 year university and spent like 2 years there before dropping out.
I was symptomatic with manic depression during my time at university.

I never graduated but did end up accumulating enough credits to earn my substitute teacher certificate.

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Thank you for your service, @GrayBear,

And sacrificing your last year of school for us and our safety.

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Thank you. Thanks for the support. :koala::koala::koala:

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