Anybody fully healed? With meds or without meds

Anybody living sympton free? Which meds helped you? What helped you get symptom free if you are not taking meds?

I’m symptom free on 100mg Invega Sustenna (Xeplion in the EU)


I’m on Latuda Seroquel and Depakote…

I’m not symptom free… I still have some voices pop in when I get stressed… I still get a paranoia spike… I still have some cognitive problems that come and go… I still hit the negative flatness…

But I am functioning… I can get through my day… go to my job… go to my classes… and as long as I give myself some time to decompress… things are mostly OK.


I don’t know if I would say “fully healed” for myself, but I am doing much better than ever, since I started taking Sarcosine. Some days are still better than others, but frankly it’s all millions of times better than what I was before.


I feel more healed than most people on here. I just have paranoia every now and then but for the most part no paranoia. I’m thinking about going back to school soon and everything. I’m healed with Latuda 80 mg


No I still get breakthrough symptoms of paranoia and I have anxiety worrying about when I get them next
However I do loads of volunteer work and attend college once a week. I’m not too bad but there is a lot I can’t do because of my illness


im in remission 6 years, no symtoms…ive peace of mind


For the most part I don’t experience symptoms, I did have a night last week where I was seeing and hearing things from being over tired but before that it’s been over six months since experiencing anything. But despite not having hallucinations and delusions I’m not the same person I was before my dx. Before I got sick I went on trips, lived on my own, and even went to Africa. Now it is hard to leave the house. I also cannot think very clearly. In grade school I was in the mentally gifted program and went to a mentally gifted high school. Now it is hard to read and my mind is nowhere close to where it was before I got sick. Sz is so much more than the positive symptoms it’s famous for. The cognitive symptoms have really hit me hard. I am grateful the demon hit the road but I’m not really living life. I hope to start working soon but am terrified. I think only a small number of people fully heal from this affliction. :sunny:


Was ok for a long time on 300mg seroquel, and my doctor had me on different sleeping pills like ambien which was good, we moved and slowly have run out of meds, been having many difficulties, being able to communicate here on this site has helped, and drawing and painting, made appt to see doctor and she ‘forgot’ last week, now we don’t even want to go back, this shall pass we hope

It’s nice to hear from you… I’m glad that the demon has left…

Good luck with the job… and of course… as always…

Be kind to yourself… and be patient with yourself…

You’ve come a long way…

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Thanks J! I’m so nervous about working. Did you have a hard time when you first started after becoming sick? How do you deal with symptoms at work? :sunny:

I was healed just 30 min. ago. I’m having Zypadhera but it has never helped me to to get rid of the voices, until 30 min ago. I also feel good atm. But, 30 min is too short time to start celebrating.

symptom free on latuda and seroquel!


i’m sorry to say I am not symptom free, I wish I was and am envious of those that are symptom free. I’m on Haldol 25mgs and latuda 160 mgs plus a bunch of other meds.

I am symptom free for the most part, I still get bouts of paranoia especially when anxious - No delusions or Hallucinations in a while.

I can thank risperidone for this.


40 mg of abilify a day so that the voices and hallucinations go away. Even on antidepressants, I’m still flat and depressed. If I don’t set the alarm clock I stay in bed for 12 hours at a time. I’m always tired. Technically I’m better, taking two classes and started a job working for my dad. I can barely drive a car, but would not have even passed the driving test without the meds. I couldn’t even read anymore by the time I went on meds, the voices were 24/7. My family thinks I’m normal, but I don’t feel normal.

I’ve heard a couple good things about Sarcosine. Is it a new treatment?

No, it’s a supplement. I’ve made great strides thanks to it, but I also have had schizophrenia for like the past 25 years and I’m 29. I would suggest ordering the smaller package of it and see what it does for you, if anything, before you order the larger one, like I did.

Well, I wouldn’t quite call it symptom free at this point nor fully healed. Since I began smoking again I had a few symptoms. Nothing major, no real fear for my life at this point. It seems like when I smoke I think too far ahead of my life, let’s just say thus far it doesn’t amount to much. Still, I am able to cope with crowded rooms and the odd look here and there. Things didn’t go well with a psychiatrist visit however. He was like, “And your children will come out ■■■■■■ up too.” But not quite in those words. Not a cool thing to say when going back to a psychiatrist. It is difficult to hear, “You need the meds.” “You should take medicine.” “You should be taking medications.” “You don’t sound normal.” Also, “You can’t go to family gatherings because you need to be on meds.” Not only that it gets tough to listen to people talking about inane things. People suffering from a mental illness(es) luckily have very interesting things to share. Too bad most of us are poor or refuse to write books.

i don’t do meds…not fully healed.
but i am doing the best ever thanks to cbt and the forum. :heart:
take care :alien: