Anybody from the UK worried about the new PIP assessments/benefits?

I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia in 2000. I am very worried about the new PIP assessments criteria, which I have read through. They are much stricter than any other benefits eligibility criteria…I am worried in case I will lose the current disability benefits I am on…Athough I do work, I am not 100% well even though I am fairly stable…my main symptoms are forgetfulness (when I am cooking especially or need help taking meds)…also I have issues with social engagement/going outdoors and social anxiety…Has anyone applied for PIP and got it? Any tips on applying would be appreciated! Thanks!

You could try looking at . You have to pay to access their guides.
I got PIP but at a reduced rate to DLA. Lost about £48 a week. Some of the points allocated by the assessor were much less than they should have been based on things written on the from and replies given at the assessment .
I can cope on what I get but the reality is I am worse off than I was 5 years ago. Unfortunately many disabled are in the same or worse boats.
It is important to get good supporting evidence especially a professional ie GP/consultant/CPN/support worker/social worker. This is where I think I lost out. I did get a letter from my nurse practitioner but it was very basic ie dx, likely to be chronic and date I had been receiving psychiatric service which was wrong by nearly 30 years! I did write for a letter with more information as she had suggested I could do but never got a reply from her. I sense admin never passed the letter on. Based on my experience I would suggest asking to speak to the cpn etc in person rather than on relying on them to get any letter you have sent them.