Anybody excited for the Model 3?

It’s a fully electric powered car. The car is going to be $35,000 American. Which is cheap for a car. And think of all the money you will spend on electricity instead of crazy gas prices. That will also help the planet eco-wise. I’m going to try to convince my Dad to buy one of these because he wants to replace his truck. Only thing, I wonder how he is going to recharge his car when he’s not home.

The car can do 0-60 in under 6 seconds and gets 215 miles per charge.


good to see invention like this…loved its design and appearance…but
its too expensive…
apathy are u goin to buy it.???:smoking:

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I wish I could. I’m poor and can barely pay minimal bills. So my Dad wants a new vehicle and something that will be very dependable. I’m hoping I can get him to buy this.

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This one reminds me of my father’s former old daihatsu car, only with futuristic doors added to it, hehe.

Those doors remind me of the old Deloreans.

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Which remind me of Back To The Future.

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If I could drive which I have not in a decade I’d drive a Yaris

What’s a Yaris?

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its a dinky car that gets you from a to b. whats up with guys and cars. my brother has a jag… and i hate it.

I never really liked cars but I like nice things because they last. And electric cars seem like a sweet deal. 35,000 though is cheap for a car.

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$35,000 is too much for a car. Especially one that gives you ‘range anxiety’. As in ‘oops where can I recharge this thing’ ?

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It looks cool and I am pro electric cars but I can’t afford one until they come to a normal range for miles. For now, I’ll stick to my used 9,000 Camry.

Wouldn’t be practical where I live. Battery performance really drops off at -35C, which is a problem in the Canadian prairies. No idea how one would warm it up before going somewhere without seriously compromsing travel distance. It might get me to the nearest major city without a charge in the summer, but not in the winter. A new Volkswagon can go nearly a 1000km on a single tank of gas.

I’d like one, but I need for it to have the same range and ‘recharge time’ as a petrol vehicle.

Just thought of something. If your battery runs out, can you call your insurance company and have them bring a gallon of electricity with them?

while not a pic of my actual first car, that is the model and year of the car my grandfather bought me when I was 15, only mine was in really rough shape and was never road legal lol

no ■■■■ they’ve done it!


Musk sticks to his word…

There is also a not so affordable SUV they have.

TESLA rah ah ah ah ah ocks… (I’m very excited and highly aroused)

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seriously dat model s mmmmmmmmm hmmmmmmmm

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Yeah I mean if I were middle class income, I’d totally buy.