Anybody Ever Propose Marriage on this Site?

It could happen. People get to know each other, share deep feelings, and then before you know it someone types to the other “Will you marry me?” We could all throw virtual rice after the virtual wedding.

Who knows, maybe it could happen in this thread? :wedding:

i have as a joke , maybe?

Okay. That’s a start, I guess. Lol

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I think it’s against the rules to talk about it openly on the forum but if two love each other and are compatible/right for each other. Who’s gonna really stop private messages that lead to marriage? I’d say it’s possible. But the guidelines make this an anonymous forum you’re not supposed to meet people. I’d rather meet ppl here than those creeps on pof and tinder though!

I’m sure the moderators read the private messages though. What a steamy courtship they would have a front row seat to. Or to separate. Reminds me of Catholic high-school dances where the nuns push the dancers apart on slow dances. They would say “Now now. Leave room for the Holy Spirit.”

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Moderators do not have access to other forum members’ PMs. Only @szadmin has that capability but would not read forum members’ PMs except in very rare circumstances.


Yeah and I figure it would reach texting and phone calls before marriage proposal happens :wink:


Thank you for the clarification. That means a wedding is still possible! Yay!

I thought you were already married. :wink:


Yes, I’m happily married. That’s what makes me want to see others so happy. That and nothing else is going on at the moment.

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It has happened before - people who met here got married - but unfortunately it didn’t last. But - more generally we recommend you use this site for support and friendship. We recommend a high level of caution around the idea of meeting people in real life that you get to know here. There are reports of people who target the mentally ill to get money and other things.


darn it. I guess I have to hold back on my proposal. It was so hard to gather up the courage and plan my proposal on this website too, with my sz…