Anybody else deal with hallucinations only (no delusions or paranoia)?

I’ve heard the reverse form of this question asked like three times, but nobody ever talks about having hallucinations without the paranoia and delusions. Am I the only person here who just hallucinates?

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When I was at the hospital I saw kittens all over the place. I wasn’t paranoid but was quite concerned for them.


Mine started as hallucinations of people/ghosts when I was…15. (I thought 17 in previous posts but it’s actually 15)
It started as just mood problems, anxiety, and very rare hallucinations. Then the illness evolved into paranoia about ghosts watching me, haunting me, and following me. I started seeing pictures move and watch me. I thought people were watching me through the windows. Then it evolved further when I was 19, into delusions of persecution, that everyone was out to destroy me and molest me.

My point is – mine started out like yours…I think. But it kept evolving and still is throwing new stuff my way.

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