Anybody else alone during the Christmas time

I am alone during this Christmas too as I have always been. I am this loner who is always alone, except when I visit the hospital, the psych clinic or my mother, but I do not feel loneliness, I am used to it and this Internet is a good friend. I suppose szs are very often antisocial types. I am going to make some good food including carrot casserole, potato casserole, some smoked fish and other good food for my Christmas.

have a very “merry” Christmas. If not merry, then at least nice and comfortable.
My daughter and I are going to my parents’ house on the Eve…and then will be home on Christmas…My husband may work one or both days. Feeling alone in the midst of my family…

I do not get many Christmas presents so I got one for myself, a new black fur hat from the flea market today, it was just 4 euros, not too bad.


Many people are alone even when they are not alone. The hat looks great on you. Sounds like you are making Christmas a special time for yourself - the most important person in your life. Merry Christmas.

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