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Anybody coming down off caffeine?


I can’t have soda period or caffeine. It’s effecting my meds.


I was supposed to take my meds 2 hours ago but I’m not going to


Why? 15151551345432


You still have time to take them, right?


I like it. I will never give it up


Yeah I quit it every once in a while, not really intentionally. I always get headaches and feel generally fatigued. It’s gross but it doesn’t last super long like a few days to a week.


Yeah same. But I don’t consume a huge amount.


So drink caffeine free @roxanna, No use in depriving yourself of an occasional soft drink.


I know Nick lol I sneak soda caffeine free drinks after they’re not looking at home


Me too! The funny thing is that I only share this apartment with one other person and they are actually my own drinks.


You’re a “bad girl”.


Lol we go through a lot here. Little things like hiding soda don’t hurt


yeah caffeine still gets to me… but it’s a whole lot different these days.

Last night I was struggling with some delusional thinking… then after a night of sleep I remembered the key thought for the scenario… “They are separate people. It’s me who keeps misconstruing them all into the same thing.”