Any Yelpers?

I had electrical problems at my house and asked a construction company I previously hired to do some minor repair work at my home if they could recommend an electrician to repair a couple of broken light switches and non-functioning electrical outlets. Well, the electrician came to my house to give us an estimate, and this person said he might have rewire my whole house because he wasn’t sure if rats ate through the wiring of my house, which was possible. This person said it would cost $800 or more to do the electrical repair work because he was not sure where the problem was coming from and said that it could take several days for him to figure out. This person acted as if he did not want to help me, and so I went to to find another electrician.

And so I found another electrician with a perfect 5 star rating on The electrician I found on Yelp gave me an estimate and fixed my lights and electrical outlets in about three hours or more. The previous electrician said it would take three days to get my light switches and electrical outlets working again. This goes to show the lengths people will take to rip you off for big money.

So, does anyone else find Yelp useful? I had my doubts about Yelp in the beginning, but then I find myself using it more often.


People will indeed go to great lengths to rip you off. Well done on not getting caught.

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