Any wow player here

İ used to play wow 15 years ago last time on vanilla patch.but lately i m so much boring and i need some hobbies. And wow is quite big world. İ m not assertive. Probably i m gonna play for find eccentric tools and some good leatherworking stuff. İ just wonder that is anyone play wow at here?

I do once and awhile. Not subbed at the moment though, i’m more of a battleground person. They changed alot though, so it’s much harder for me to play casual in battle grounds.

I play as a human priest and human rogue.

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Did you play on vanilla patch?

I don’t have a subscription right now. I stopped with level 113 on my nightelf rogue, and I have a 116 human warlock. But this is the first addon I will not level to max level. I’m waiting for classic in august and thinking if I should start to play classic. Kind of no motivation for WoW right now.

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Yes I play. I have a level 74 night elf mage. I play most days…once I reach level 110 I will buy the expansion and roll a hunter with the free character boost.


Thats cool. İ m gonna try as human hunter. Thats will be fun i think. İ hope i don t get bored. Because i need desperately need some hobbies since i divorced my wife.

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I saw the classic trailer, looks interesting. Unless you are talking about something else?

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Installing elder scrolls online as we speak

İs it possible to get rare items without getting in the dungeons?

I use to but my computer barely can get 30 fps for the latest areas. Not to mention someone hacked my account and got it banned for real world trading.

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You can get some rare items through quests. But I would suggest dungeons

@Qwerty İ heard that there is occupation about rare items. Enchanting i think. İ read that some of rarest item can be done by this occupation. Sound interesting to me.

Yes. I do enchanting. But I have not fully level it up yet.


@anon99233869 so sorry to hear that. So did you banned for lifetime or limited time. My laptop is also crap. İt s getting so warm inside of 15 min game so i can not play. İ m thinking buy gaming desktop but its so expensive to me. İ have to wait 4 months i guess.

I’ll be playing classic when it launches in August. I’ll be an undead Rogue, so if you’re on the horde side maybe we can party.

@agent101g thank you for offer but i m planning to play with human hunter. İf you want to play with human i really like to play with you. Hordes are depresive me sorry

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I was alliance last time, gnome rogue. Ankle stabber if you want to get technical. Was gonna do horde because I’ve never seen their cities before, it’d be a new experience.

Maybe we’ll cross swords some time! I’ll just be stealthing around trying to double backstab wizards :stuck_out_tongue:

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