Any vitamin/ mineral to get rid of irritaion and sound sensitivity

hi guys has anybody used any vitamin or mineral to get rid of irritation and sound sensitivity
like magnesium vitamin b1 or niacinamide

What exactly u mean by irritation and sound sensitivity ?

irritation is irritation what else can it mean .by sound sensitivity i mean jumping when a sound is there like startling a lot or feeling very uncomfortable to nearby sounds

I think b12 if I remember right

Do certain sounds bother you more than others? Is it just unexpected loud sounds, or are some noises physically uncomfortable for you?

a liitle bit of both i find unexpected loud noises troubling and allso sometimes the sound of aphobe irritating .howeveer when i stimutae myself sexually i find it to become better

Have you ever been diagnosed with a sensory processing disorder?

I think Exaggerated Startle Response is common in sz. I am taking some CBD isolate that may be helping me.

Inositol in higher doses can calm people down.

what is that? do you mean adhd? or do you mean something else please explain

ADHD is one of many disorders that can cause sensory processing issues. Do you have that?

not very sure but many of my family members have that adhd .so could you explain the term sensory processing to me

Sensory processing is the way your brain interprets the outside world. Data from your ears/eyes/nerves get translated in the brain into sounds/sights/feelings. In a typical brain, this happens in a very expected way. garbage disposal turns on, your ears hear the sound, the data enters the brain, travels a specific path, and then you recognize the sound and move on.

Sensory processing disorders is where sensory information, such as sounds, get interpreted incorrectly in your brain. Certain sounds can seem louder, or the data can jump to the wrong path and make you feel physical pain, or fear. If you have this issue, you might also find that the tags in clothes hurt, or certain foods feel too weird to eat, regardless of how they taste. You might also be more prone to randomly shouting or hitting yourself, because creating your own sensory output blocks the incoming signals for a bit.

Does any of this sound like you?

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i dont have any of these sysmptoms but i do jump a lot when i hear a loud sound the impact seems right on my heart . i sometimes react to somebody toucing me suddenly . what you say seems to match more with autism friends of mine

i do jump alot when i hear a loud sound

have u considered this sensitivity as myoclonic jerks, its a type of seizure

is the irritation coupled with depression or no

whenever i stimulate myself sexually or am very happy my sound sesitivity and irritation seem to be less but yes it seems to get worse during depression so it does fluctuate i suspect it has something to do with adrenals and cortisol