Any Video Makers on This Forum?

I’d love to create a video to the ballad that me and Zwolfgang put together.

It would be fun to collaborate with one of you!

I’ve made videos for all three of my Easy Listening piano and digital keyboard albums.

I used a professional video graphic firm for all three

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This is the Ballad…

In my mind I picture a female figure skater in a snow globe…it starts to lightly snow as she exits the globe…then performs her dance routine…then finishes up posing back in the snow globe.

This is my idea for the video.

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Good luck recreating that scene. THAT would be very, very expensive to do.

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Unless you know someone really pretty in your family who can figure skate realy well and have her skate out on a frozen pond while it’s snowing…

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My niece can figure skate, but she’s really ugly!

(Am Jest Keeding!) :joy:


Laugh out loud.

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I wonder if I could go down to the local University and talk with some film students about this…perhaps engage in a project with some of them.

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