Any tofu recipes?

i bought some tofu, firm and extra firm because idk which is best, i am a really good chef and can cook almost anything but ive never cooked tofu before so does anyone have any recipes for it


Tofu is really good in chili and stir fry.


I like to saute it with shredded cabbage,onion,and carrots, then wrap with eggroll wrappers and fry crisp.


Buy extra firm tofu, put cut tofu and fry it in a pan, then put aside then put soy sauce and sugar and garlic and sesame seed in a a pan until it bubbles and put in the tofu, and coat tofu


That sounded tasty!

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I mix it with olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, and nutritional yeast flakes to make a tofu ricotta that I put in my lasagna.

It also tastes good cut into cubes and fried, then tossed in some kind of sauce.

Make sure to squeeze out all the excess water before cooking it. After squeezing, I put it between several layers of paper towels, then put a plate on top with a heavy can on the plate, and let it sit like that for like 20 minutes. If it’s soggy, it will taste bland and mushy.

If you’re cutting it into cubes, don’t squeeze too hard or else it will start to crumble. If you’re going to mash it up anyways, that matters less.

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I once had steamed tofu with sesame seeds on it, that stuff was delicious

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I love to make breakfast sandwiches.

You’ll need -

  • English muffins
  • Gardein Breakfast Sausage patties
  • Lemon extract
  • Old Bay Seasoning
  • Sandwich baggies


  • Slice tofu into 1 in rectangles
  • Put sliced tofu into baggies
  • Add seasoning and lemon extract as desired into baggies
  • Shake baggie
  • Toast English muffin
  • Use skillet to cook one slice of seasoned tofu and one sausage patty
  • Construct sandwich
  • Add butter or/and jelly to taste

This is my favorite thing to do with extra firm/firm tofu. Hope you enjoy.

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