Any tips on making small talk

Im nervous when I find myself in social situations. Any tips on putting me at ease or to feel confident. Any tips on small talk?

I’m really bad at small talk. So I tend to use humour to cover it up. Humour goes a long way but each persons idea of humour is different.

Always start off with a “Hi” and a smile - even if its a forced one


As @Wave said, try to be friendly and forget about the stigma. I wouldn’t suggest a talk with normies though, unless you trust them, because they may reject you.

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Im not sure how is avoiding normies supposed to take away someone’s stigma?
Not ALL the people are mean pricks. I have a mental issues so i should live in a symbolic ghetto for the rest of my life?
I dont think that limiting your social life to a particular group of people can be healthy.
Just think that the other side is a person with fears and desires, a human of flesh as you are.

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If someone doesn’t know you, then he won’t stigmatize you. Secondly, from all of the people I’ve met, no one stayed in my life for long but one. Thirdly, this:

[quote=“sarad, post:5, topic:22980”]
Just think that the other side is a person with fears and desires, a human of flesh as you are.
[/quote] should be thought by the other side, as they think of themselves like some Gods that should not go out with an ill person. They even pee like us but they don’t understand they are just humans like us.

Im sorry you have a bad experiences with the normal people who happened to be stupid/mean at the same time.
I just think you are in contradiction when you tell him to “forget about stigma” and to “avoid normies”. What is that if not self-stigmatizing, the worst thing you can do to yourself.
You wont learn to interact with people if you are constantly inhibiting yourself.
Not every interaction though should be a confession tour.
Pick a wheater/opposite sex topic and see what happens.

The true sign of the rejected is the person who really wants to belong.

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The “best” people that knew about my problem and still wanted to go out with me either bullied or hurt me or whatever. The other ones just didn’t want to go out with me. That’s why I advise him not to go out with normies, I don’t say they are better than us, they say it. I think we are better than them. I don’t inhibit myself, I learned to protect me. If we don’t confess our problem, then we will just have to pretend like we are ok, and that takes a lot of energy, which is bad for our health and mood. Dead-end.

Let me tell you about my experience.
Last year i was on college and had to work on a couple of things for my mentor. I had a duties which i promised i’ll do to a certain deadline. Apparently i was feeling bad and ended up in hospital for a month. I called my mentor and told her about my condition. She acted very supportively, asked for more information, and was very empathic all along.
But my recovery somehow lasted too long. Eventually i developed a laziness too. So she called me back and had a very serious talk with me. She even complained about me to the other professors.

What i wanted to say?.i appreciate her empathy at the time but i also like the fact that she treated me as everyone else. Its a tough competition out there.

I don’t want to be treated like everyone else, because I’m not lazy, I just don’t have any motivation. I’m not bad, it’s just that I suffer too much and I would like others to understand me. But instead of this, instead of the others treating me kindly, they treat me in the worst way, they reject me, make fun of me and hurt me like I said. I don’t deserve to be treated like this, so I prefer to be alone…

Otherness is all together made in our imagination we truly are more like everyone else than we care to admit.


I know we are like everyone else, we are even better than them because we are not bad, most of us at least, but normies just think they are better than us, or they don’t have so many worries so as to understand us.

The whole world wants you to keep that binary code
normal/straight vs.the others.

As long as you want to live by its rules.

Just you know we have flare ups we have health issues but we should still expect equal treatment


What do you mean by that, sarad? That we must agree with the division into straight-normies and others? I would only agree with that if someone ill had made this, and not a straight-normal one because that would be an insult.

I take it as division or a way of separating us like they do in u.s. with republican and Democrat you don’t have to be so blind we are all human.

I wanted to say that sadly its the way that most of us are functioning. Thinking in binary oppositions which are developed by the powerful majority. Good/evil, black/white, male/female, gay/straight…Whats about that in between, whats about a middle ground, a third way? A niether way?

Back to karl’s original question, talking about the weather is always a good subject.

Ha what’s wrong with this direction? By the way I think being a giver never fails.

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