Any tips for lower back pain?

A lot of my Dads family suffer regular back pain. I thought maybe I got lucky and got more of my Mum’s genes but at 31 it has finally caught up with me.
I bought an ergonomic office chair just now and will be picking it up in a couple of days. I’m really hoping it makes a difference. My chair is okay, but its not supportive on my back at all. I spent £170 on this new one (second hand), but they retail for nearly £1K if they are brand new.

I looked up some exercise just now and they help a bit but I still cant sit at my desk for very long each day without it flaring up again. :frowning:


I read that walking is good for back pain. Low impact.

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Yeah i suffer a terrible sciatica once or twice a year. I cannot move out of bed. But most of the time, I just “feel” something in my lower back, like soreness or mobility restriction with a little pain.

Recently I searched a bit about physiotherapy, and the most valuable tools they have are 1. exercises 2. stretches. The rest is more or less placebo if I´m not mistaken:

Strengthtening your core and glutes is fundamental for a healthy spine. Something easy you can do: I try to do a “third world squat” everytime I pass through my room´s door (if I remember to do it) and maintain the position as long as I feel comfortable. If you are seated for long periods of time, you can try to do a third world squat every now and then…

The other great tool appart from exercises is stretching. If you can, I would buy a “foam roller” and work different areas in conjunction to different stretches for legs and back

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Vitamin K2 sufficiency. It’s a remineralizing vitamin, will remineralize your lower back and could reduce that pain by 80%.

Some of the antidepressants help with back pain. For example, Elavil is supposed to help with back pain.

I go to a chiropractor for back pain.

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