Any supplements out there to boost energy?

Hey, I’m taking Geodon and Buspirone (I don’t know if I’m supposed to be taking the Buspirone, the doctor just switched me back over from Latuda to Geodon over the phone while he was between sessions because I was feeling suicidal and had been having other bad symptoms).
I don’t know what is going to happen because the Buspirone is added to this, but last time I was on Geodon all I wanted to do was sleep. I was a lot pleasanter to be around when I was awake, but I could sleep for 14 hours straight if you let me. I think my record was 20 hours.
I need something that will wake me up in the morning and keep me awake through out the day (until at lease 5-6 pm from a start at 8 am at the earliest). I am ok with some sort of energy tea or something that doesn’t have caffeine (I don’t respond productively to caffeine. I talk really fast and, I will admit, I am awake, but I am pretty worthless, just as worthless as if I were about to fall asleep).
I’m hoping for some sort of herbal supplement that I can take around 6 am and will help me get up at 8 am. I won’t really be awake at 6, but if I can make it across my room, I can take a pill.

Onceapoet, i was on Geodon for a year and I have never slept so much. I would wake up 6 am no problem but by 3 pm I had to take a nap sometimes sleeping until midnight. It would just take control of me.

This side effect was enough for me to switch over to abilify

I got all the good I can get out of Abilify. Almost 4 years.

It is true medications all work differently on different chemical receptors. There is still no reason for sz it is a combination of things. And they work differently for different people.(or the same for different people)

The med risperidal (sp?) worked well but I got really bloated during this time. It may have had something to do with eating but after a while you can only pig out so much. And I was off all alcohol including beer. So it was strange that my weight go up to what it did. It is bad to be 260 to 270 for a 6’2" male.

I haven’t taken Geodon, but while on Saphris, B12, ginseng, and Taurine seemed to help a lot. Be careful with the Taurine though.

Why what does Taurine do?

Is risperidal the anti ADD medicine?

I may have mis-read but if you’re sensitive to caffeine, you may be sensitive to Taurine. It has a stabilizing and positive mental effect, but it can put your body into overdrive.

How about eating easy to digest foods. I’ve been on a vegan diet for years and it does help energy levels.

respiridone is an atypical anti psychotic med.

My question is why are you useless on Coffee? That stuff is the bomb. And socially acceptable any where almost any time.

I can usually handle a little bit of it, but it never makes me feel more awake and it never makes me more productive.

I am at college. There have been days where they serve fried chicken AND frito pie for both options. They want us to die a slow fattening artery clogging death. D:
I do try to drink one of those 3 servings of fruit drinks, eat as healthy as I can, and eat even healthier when I am at home.
You’re right though, it does really make a difference.

I don’t know. But imagine you are almost annoyingly hyperactive and happy, but that’s what other people see. You feel sleepy and shiftless on the inside though.
I am into coffee’s hot older sister, tea though :wink:

I had some luck with taking a really low dose of CoQ10. I asked my doc about it first though.

Ginseng, without a doubt is the best for energy. The liquid is probably the best. Get korean ginseng, since there is also american and siberian ginseng.

Green tea - contains caffeine, taurine, L - theanine and some b vitamins. If it works you may want to try some of the listed things in supplement form. Taurine with the green tea works best for me. The taurine gives a bit of a calming effect at first but wakes you.up. It can make you want to rest but it seems to have more of a waking effect on me after a while of use. Also if Taurine works for you b6 may help as the body usually makes Taurine using b6 and another element in the body.

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