Any Success Stories On Weight Loss on Meds After 50?

Yeah it’s easier to have success when you are 20 or 30 and the metabolism is pretty good. But what about when the med load increases and it starts to hurt to exercise?

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When I calorie count on Abilify I lose weight. When I don’t calorie count I don’t lose weight.

I don’t exercise. I’m 52.


How much did you gain on meds and how much did you lose when you calorie count

Over 100 lbs after age 50 on meds with calorie counting and exercise. I walk a lot. I mean a LOT. And I do VR exercise, which is fun.


I’m 63, and I lost some pretty good weight once about 22 years ago, but now I am so sedentary it would be really hard to lose weight.

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Gained 20kg, lost 15kg.

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I’m 58 years old and losing slowly (over 28 pounds) so far by eating less and calorie counting.

I’m also on a weight loss/diabetes drug that’s helping curb my appetite.

I don’t really exercise but I am trying to walk more by tracking my steps


“VR exercise…” I’ve seen this. Looks fun and also looks like great exercise as well! Good for you @velociraptor !! Kudos to you on the walking too!!

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Sometimes I write these posts not due to my success but to try to find people who have succeeded and provide hope to me and others. Thank you for your responses.

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