Any solution to time thats going too fast?


Any solution to time that is going too fast
And achivements that is too little ?


Make the most out of a bad situation


In the future( maybe 30 years on) it may be possible to stop the aging process, so you will have more time.
If I depart Israel, let it be at least with a Phd in Mathematics.
In fact my brainwashing won’t allow me to study Mathematics in Israel at all.
I am tired of fighting, my aerobic fitness is excellent but nonetheless I am tired of fighting,

I will leave in a seek to study Mathematics where it is easier.

In Israel, it will be INSANELY DIFFICULT for me to study Mathematics and do a Phd,

and thus I will look for a better place.

My father managed to do a Phd in Mathematics, but it appears the situation in Israel has worsened drastically

since then.


Having more time would solve a lot of issues


People are living longer


I hope for you much success

it sounds difficult

where do you want to go?


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