Any schizophrenia/psychosis success stories

Anyone have any success stories to tell ?

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Yeah I got diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder 3 years ago, always had insight into the illness meaning it was a rather mild case of it. Today I still hear a little chatter in my mind but it’s bearable, for the most part sleep, work, and time passing has almost completely healed me of all positive symptoms.

In my opinion family, friends, and the most important thing is sleep for your recovery and having a healthy sleep schedule, also trying to stay as occupied as possible during your waking hours.


im psychosis free 11 years…i developed peace of mind


Are you still on meds ?

Are you still on meds?

yes i will be on them for life


I was diagnosed about 10 years ago. Like pedro, I also have peace of mind now. It was hard for me to accept the diagnosis at first. Also I’m still on meds.

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I always refused meds due to statistics, it’s harder but you learn coping mechanisms that way, any way is hard but I prefer the non med route myself, not trying to brag, but idk how bad your illness is, according to the doctors they said it was mild so I got by without them

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Its medium. I dont and never have heard voices but I started thinking people were talking about me and started believing that my a couple of my neighbors was against me listening in and such. I never saw things either. When I was out in the shops I thought that others were being sent by my neighbours to spy on me ect. I was very paranoid but never heard voices there were times when I heard other people talking and I thought they were talking about me and such calling me names ect but yeah.i never said anything to them or started arguments I just kept it to myself as i know how dangerous people are.

How bad was urs if you dont mind me asking ?

Yes I was psychosis free 10 years until they decided I didn’t need the meds anymore.

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I’ve been free of positive symptoms for four years - in this time my negatives have also healed. I feel like a normal person. I spend my time on my business venture and doing work for my clients (digital marketing agency)

The medications have helped me considerably


haven’t had a psychotic break since my first in 2017

Doing pretty good, on clozaril for the past ten years! Have schizophrenia since 1995!

Sounds worse that yours at the height of it all I thought my dad was poisoning me, I was hearing voices, had delusions that Christ return was happening then, alien delusions, etc. now I just hear a little chit chat in my head, nothing else

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