Any reasonable jobs dealing with my condition?

So, I know this became a part of my diagnosis, the fact that dealing with memory and numbers isn’t my strongest trait anymore. I used to be fine and it wouldn’t stress me out, but now my job has become stressful and has slowly over the course of my illness.
Anyone got simple job ideas that don’t really deal with numbers or having to memorize such things? I’m also not very good with speed.
I plan to find another job soon just so I don’t keep stressing myself out and possibly trigger symptoms.

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Library Assistant, kennel worker, perhaps a flowershop?

I’ve considered these for myself.

Not bad choices, if only I could walk to those!
I’ve had a possible consideration of shelf stocking at a retail store.

Ah okay. Is it a small shop? I’ve stocked shelves at a massive Staples once, that was stressful.

You can always work from home if you’re good with computers/talking on the phone. These jobs are a bit harder to find though.

I work in the Shipping Field…

I sort mail. Low stress/ good pay. Look into something like this! Good luck!

Oh, no it’s not, it’s a Walmart. Okay, I’ll take that into consideration then, I’m trying to avoid stress after all.

Cool! I’ll look into it if possible, I thought about doing art commissions if possible, for income.

I’ve done soemthing like that before! IT was so much less stress and actually fun, but the pay wasn’t that great unfortunately, otherwise I’d stay.