Any reason to take medications?

i was off meds
then now i m on the meds

there is improvement first days , first weeks

but now after months there is no more improvement!!!

so why to take meds

i m so bored from taking medications
i become bored!!!
find no reason for that

It helps slow my thoughts down. I’'m so much better with slower thoughts and less paranoia. I can’t make a decent life with paranoia and I still have my problems but live a good life.

Meds are so much better than alternative for me and stick it out 3 months at least to get benefit. It takes a while and we are all different.


Without meds I wouldn’t be here. I’d be in my old life, hating life, trouble all the time. Never going back to that nightmare.

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If you aren’t getting better or have found the limit to what that means for you after several medicine changes.

I guess you just have to accept a certain bit of life-suckage.

I think its better to be on medicine then to become a lost person.

I think that boring is good. At least for me. Then I know that I’m somewhat stable.

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Ability to sleep, more or less clear thoughts and keeps away some delusions or hallucinations.


Not to go insane again and possibly mess your life again. I did quit my meda once and ruines my life and emotions for years

I know plenty borderline sz in real life, enougj crazy to talk delusions not enough crazy to get hospitalized

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I am able to function much better on meds and hold down work for longer periods of time…


With meds zero positives. Without meds Dead.

@columbus . Especially with topics in medication look for the date on them. Please stop opening old threads. You know the drill.