Any reason not to fear death

that inevitably will come
i always think about diseases and death
any reason not to fear death?

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You should try to distract yourself with activities like listening :headphones: to music :notes:

There’s little point in thinking about it all the time.

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distract myself all the day ?
day and night ?
it is not good solution
i want thinking process to process this delimma of death
this mystery of mysteries

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Death & Life. The Cycle Of Reverse Into Futuristic Possibly Problematic Life Altering Situations?.

Life Is A Beginning & An Ending. The Ending Is The End Of Endings. Brought By The Beginning.

Fear Not!.

Life Once Brought Forth!..,

Never Ends!. . .

NEVAH (!!!).

Hope, True Love, Joy, And Eternal Peace!. . . . . . .

Don’t fear death because there will be a whole life for you to experience before that.

Be in the moment, because it feels right.

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