Any reason for the red post #s?

I noticed some of the post counts were in red…First 2 were 11:11 so i thought it was an 11;11 thing but scrolling down noticed more different post counts in red… seems random…some are new threads, some i’ve post on and some I haven’t and some are old threads.
What’s the red numbers mean…?
I inverted the colors to make sure and the 11s are blue and other numbers white…

Wow, when i clicked back to the main page the 11s are together now…11;11… and i noticed most of the other red numbers end in one , then there’s a 13, then way down a 32, which breaks the pattern…what is this?

I assumed this meant that there was a “high like to post ratio” as this is what it says…

Ah, I see…I did not scroll over them. first I noticed this…
Explains it, but still shows also i get 11;11 a LOT, and in many different ways…

I know…but the top 2 red numbers were 11s, at first separated by 2 topics, then right after that they were right together… tis 11:11.

I do not believe in them. Most native Americans do not believe in them, as well as spiritual people. everything happens for a reason and has a purpose and is woven into the unseen fabric of the universe… this is an ancient belief and well proven.

It’s off topic but an example happened recently.
I found a music book with a date on it but no year my late wife ordered… i looked into her email receipts to find the exact time it was ordered. As I was looking in her receipts I came across an item she had ordered that was a great concern… I had never found the item in the house and me and my GF wondered it if it was still in here overlooked. This is over a year after my wife died.
A few nights ago my GF was outside and heard a whistle from under the house like a guy whistling. It came from behind one of the support posts. yesterday I looked in that area and noticed a hole. laying on the ground in a plastic bag was the item, the bag clawed and chewed by one of the cats but the item intact. the cat had dug it up, but only AFTER we had discovered the item existed and were curious to know if it was in the house or what my wife did with it We wanted to know where it was… and she had ordered this item 18 months before we even knew she had, and then just a week later our cat digs it up from behind the support post where my wife had buried it…
No way that was coincidence.
The cat even went behind it and lay down and looked at me with knowing eyes when i found it laying there… some spirit or energy had to have influenced the cat to dig it up after we learned of its existence and wanted to know where it was… now why wouldn’t the animals dig it up in the 18 months before that, and only do so after knowledge of it was revealed?

Hmmm.coincidence?..just checked weather… that point 1 changed already but I screen shotted what i first saw. 81.1 and moon 11% = 11:11

Poison… and no idea what she wanted it for…

Oh my, even the post here, LOL

Awhile back I calculated that I was getting the 11th post around 40% of the time, and get 7 of 7 quite often too. I don’t do it deliberately either…so what would be the odds of that happening? Since i also get 2nd post and 3rd post and 12th post and 30th posts and other number posts…what are the odds I get one specific number much more than all the other numbers?

There are only 10 digits of decimal number available.
If you look at binary system, you will frequently encounter “1 0 0 1 1 0” a lot.
This is a smart Web forum software. The red post number does have certain meaning.

Two 11’s might show up together here and there but think of all the other combinations that occur all the time that you just don’t notice. It’s easy to think such coincidences are unusual because they stand out. For every time it does, many many other combinations go unnoticed.


I notice them all. yesterday the clock on the way out of the city we went to said 2:22.
A couple days ago my items in the store rang up 20.20 and when i came home and made a post here I had the 20/20 post, and I had an old username that was 20/20 which had to do with perceiving things and uncovering mysteries…strangely those 20/20s happened the day we found the hidden poison: which had been a mystery. So the numbers and their meaning coincided with an actual event.

Parts of my screen are blue…of course I looked at that…some patterns on a sewing kit…part of the scanner cover…ok…offhand i know my Moms old rosary beads are red and the handle on the needle-nose pliers are red…and some of the color on a can of 77 spray adhesive is red…pretty much everything else in this room are varying shades of brown with a white floor and grey, black or silver computer equipment…

what does a high like to post ratio mean anyway?

how many likes does it take to make it a high like to post ratio?

tbh the colours are making me a bit upset and scared and i don’t know why, its like they are trying to hide something or something do you know what i mean

@e_lunaseer has got me looking at the numbers now :frowning:

i’d prefer stars for a post rating if you know what i mean, maybe

i suppose you don’t want the other users feeling bad about it if there post hasn’t got a star rating tho, i guess that is pretty sad, i mean i was very upset i dint get leader so i can see how that can happen and how it could make people feel depressed

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@e_lunaseer, I have checked through the Discourse community, and this is their discussion:

The intensity of red color show how hot the post is, that is, number of likes against number of posts. What’s more, they planning to apply this “quality score” too, to the number of likes against number of views.

@SzAdmin, I think I have helped you find the answer to this thread. :blush:


Plumber - thanks. I think you know more than I on this now. That sounds like a good answer.

I haven’t done the research and it sounds like you have.

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It is not easy to maintain a multinational forum like this, and administrator also need to apply patches and upgrades. Thanks for your continuing effort and diligence. You have a share in raising mental health awareness among the cyber community and the general public. Good job! :+1:

Thanks Plumber - the job is a lot easier with all the great posters like yourself that contribute to the community here.

Ultimately the community is only as good as its members - and we have a lot of great members here to read and post very helpful and supportive messages.