Any Queen fans?

I had Queen’s Greatest Hits as a kid and loved it. I kinda forgot about it, and it got lost in the shuffle, but I’ve “rediscovered” Queen, and am buying the Greatest Hits Vol I II & III off Amazon. Anyone else a fan of Queen? Here’s a link to the CD:

One of the few things I remember from my childhood was hearing the news Freddy Mercury had died. Mum and I had gone to a video shop to rent a few movies and we had just returned to the car and put the radio on and that was the headline news. Then the muffler fell off the car. I remember being sad (about Freddy, not so much the muffler). I would have been around 9 or 10.

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This struck me as hilarious. Hahaha!

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If Bohemian Rhapsody comes along I sing all the voices, but I only know the greatest hits, not their full discography, I’ll get into that these next few days :slight_smile:

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I like “killer queen” that’s about the only song I play for myself. The other ones aren’t bad I just don’t play them for myself very much.



i love Queen I was only 4 when Freddie died. so I didn’t quite appreciate them until I got older.

I love Queen. I had that same cd as a kid and still have a bunch of their songs on my phone today.


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I like queen. So many great songs. My favorite is Dont try suicide.

Tie Your mother Down :heart_eyes: