Any point in taking Zoloft?

I have schizo obsessive disorder. (schizophrenia with a lot of OC symptoms). I take 10mg olanzapine (zyprexa9 and 150mg sertraline (Zoloft).

Back in 01 I had been without any psych med for years. I went to see a psychologist who thought I had only OCD. Well she advised for me to get a prescription for Zoloft. I started taking the Zoloft, and I got much worse. I experienced paranoia, without resistance, and my OCD got way way worse. The OCD transformed into psychosis I think. I started thinking that Satan implanted blasphemous thoughts in my head, and that god was listening in, and thought they were my own thoughts. I prayed well over 1000 times a day, in every situation. I started to quarrel with an internal voice, out loud and in public. There were no relief from the Zoloft. I didn’t have any medical/psychological follow up and it was hidden signs from god everywhere. My then GF, got more and more worried and she had a psychiatrist come and see me. He said I had to quit the Zoloft, and that I had schizophrenia. He prescribed a titration up to 1000 mg of Seroquel. I got way better.

After that I was an outpatient at a policlinic and still had som minor OCD, but nothing much, but the new psychiatrist said I was depressed and I could use som Zoloft again. This time in addition to olanzapine.

Nowadays I have few psychotic symptoms, but all the negative ones. I have a lot of anxiety and Obsessive thoughts. I see a psychiatrist now, and I suspect he doesn’t see the use in the Zoloft.

Anybody with schizophrenia and OCD who have experience regarding this med combo? Does it work for you, or are you just as well off on only AP?

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I get very obsessive about things, but I am not sure if it’s bad enough to be classed as OCD. I get anxiety too, which I have PRN for.

I do wonder if I have more things wrong with me, but the state hospital/clinic doesn’t really have the resources to investigate, so I am just on an AP.

I must say, I am surprised Amisulpride isn’t in the US or Canada, as it has been a wonder drug for me.

Amisulpride is that Solian? If so I have tried that drug, didn’t work for me unfortunately

That’s the one. Shame it didn’t work for you. I have been on 6 different AP’s and this one seems to be doing the job.

It’s weird how different drugs help different people.

My pdoc says in 5 years we should have personalised medicine where they can test your body to see which drugs would be best rather than just guessing and relying on luck.

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I take 500 mg clozapine, 100 mg zoloft and 250 mg lamotrigine.
The zoloft is still too early to tell. I’m hopeful.

hi 7 i’m new here and yes i have schizo and depression. i to take zyprexa and and zoloft. i also take wellbutrin and latuda. i was on 150mg of zoloft but it made me a little manicey and now i had to cut it back to 50mg. i struggle with depression alot and to be honest with you i get real down alot. the zoloft helps but i can’t take much of it because it makes my schizo worse. u nevef kno whats going to work for u i think. u just have to get on the right meds by trying different ones. hope this helps mysticmike

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Amisulpride caused me oculogyric crisis forever :disappointed: it’s what it seems

Zoloft put me straight into a horrible psychotic episode too,
Not all meds work the same for everyone.
I wouldn’t take it again

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