Any physics fans?

I am a huge physics nerd, ever since high school. I admired Einstein’s theory of relativity, the strange theories of quantum mechanics, quantum field theory, and the idea of string theory.

Any physics fans out there?


I used to be. In fact the last book I read, before I lost the concentration to read was this

I would be careful reading something like that though. String theory is just incomplete yet remains very accurate.string theory is just another form of quantum field theory, which is considered the most accurate physics theory ever made.

Nah. I think string theory is completely bogus :rofl:

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I would have to disagree with you.

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Fair enough… lets agree to disagree.

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What do you think about relativity?

Don’t trust atoms. They make up everything.


It’s incompatible with quantum physics. And that’s the big conundrum in physics.

I remember reading this book about time and was fascinated by it.

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That’s what string theory does, it ties relativity and quantum mechanics together. Both theory’s being proven through experiment.

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A good video

I know next to nothing about physics. I only know pre college algebra. I remember one spring I went to college and took a non college credit course in algebra and it was painful work but I found satisfaction in it. Is it true the math can be translated into a literary form? That might not sound like it makes sense and it may not, it was just a dream. I’d really freak out if out of the blue I suddenly had mathematical knowledge beyond my schooling.

Yes I’m a physics fan. But also a chemistry, biology and maths fan. It’s all very beautiful to me. :rose:

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I used to enjoy solving physics problems in high school. I also took several courses at uni, but the math got a bit too advanced and my teacher didn’t properly explain some concepts, so I gradually fell behind…

I think I might still be able to compute the efficiency of a reversible thermodynamic cycle, to apply Kirchhoff’s laws in solving a circuit, or to do a basic Lorentz transform. But beyond that I’m in the dark.

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