Any other only children here?

I’m an only child of older parents. Seems to have had a great effect on me. Anyone read “The Birth-Order Book?”

I’m an only child and it’s had an effect on me in a way I was always much more mature than my class mates at school. I was opened to the world of history, art, literature and many other things from a young age, things that my school didn’t provide, I grew to love these topics which made me very different but I don’t get angry over that as it’s just made me who I am, in fact I’m thankful because it taught me to be different. It wasn’t until secondary school that made me

My parents also divorced when I was six so that made me stand out as well as I became my mums primary attention!

I’ve never read that book but it looks interesting! Just thought I’d post this…

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The first born child - the oldest child is usually the “favorite” child. I am the oldest brother, my younger brother knows that I am their favorite - my parents have mentioned this more than once. It was difficult for them to conceive children, so when I came along into this world, I was like their miracle son - SZ or not, this makes me feel pretty good

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I’m also the first born (of 5). I was a surprise that came along 4 months after my parents wedding. I don’t want to say I’m the favorite, but I did get a lot of attention even when my younger siblings came along.

My three younger brother were not surprises. They were planned but still sort taught to be more self managing. My parents do love them, but I still got a lot of attention.

The thing that makes me the most sad about my family is kid 5. My sis (the youngest and only girl) was also a surprise… and compared to how all of us boy’s are treated… my amazing kid sis is treated like dirt at home. She moved in with me when she was 13 or 14 and still lives with me as she starts college.

Some times I wonder if my parents even like her. I think our Dad likes her more then our Mom likes her. She was born when I was much older so I sort of picked up the task of raising her. Someone had to.

Sometimes I think if it wasn’t for me, she wouldn’t have been played with, fed, taken care of. Now she’s almost 18, she and I are still to this day a pretty tight duo. I think despite my illness, I raised a very cool kid.

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I am an only child. But my dad beat the hell out of me after my mom died when I was 11. I think I reminded him of her.

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