Any one else under 18 here with sz?

I haven’t seen many people who aren’t adults on here on the schizophrenia spectrum

I’m 18. @anon59133895 is somewhere around my age.

Kiddo ! :smile:

I always tell people I’m an old soul. Been thru some thangs

And you’re what 22? Soooo much older :joy:

If you’re an old soul…I’m a grandma then. :older_woman:

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I’m 20

I’m also a musician and i’ve lived in multiple countries, traveled most of the US, been homeless, rich, I even went to boot camp for the Navy. Fractured my spine about a year ago, I had two sheets of ridiculously awesome acid from Arcata at one point.

Then a month or so ago my symptoms started showing up, and they’ve been getting worse. I can barely drive anymore. It’s horrible, i’m a very experienced driver. I’ve driven through all three mountain ranges in the us, Pittsburgh, DC, Seattle, San Francisco, Portland, Nashville, probably some i’m forgetting…

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Before I can even buy alcohol. What a long, strange trip indeed.

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I am 18 as well. But I don’t have sz, I’m schizoaffective~

I may not be 18 but I felt like replying so haha :smile: BTW I’m 22.