Any of you sz-dawgs ;-) looking at the NFL DRAFT tonight?

I’m watching it, if you wanna chit-chat about it, you’re the most welcome.

The NFL draft never appealed to me… too many players, too little in depth analysis of each of the players. That’s why i love the NBA, they have smaller teams. But I like to watch football, and the Super Bowl is one of my favorite events of the year.

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I’m not into it at all - I’m a hockey fan first, baseball second, soccer third - but I love the cover letters players write and post at the Players’ Tribune.


I think I would choose draft day over SB … I think it is really cool to speculate about the choices teams are making.

Damn, I might havvvvve to talk alone tonight :slight_smile:

Check out the letters while you’re doing it. They’re great.

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Non-farting lesbians drinking draft beer?

Sounds… Interesting.

I guess my english isn’t good enough to fully understand what might be subtle about that comment. But, yeah, okay, I agree, and support with some non-fake enthusiasm. :eyeglasses:

Geek humour. I think I watched sports once by accident. I’ve probably watched lesbians on the flat screen more often. :slight_smile:

I remembre 08/08/2008 - Pékin Olympics opening - while Russia invanded Georgio, they were some cool girls punching on a funny ball on a sort of beach. Do not remember if i had taken my med though that day. But hey, my tv was also flat… :slight_smile: We should share more often.

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Since I’m pretty sure I’ll get to it (a fair understanding of the flat screen and the lesbians playing sports on it, at some point in my life), I like to add that I too, thought those girls playing with strange ball on the beach were sort of borderline…

Yes I’m a bears fan

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I’m in a hurry right now, but I’ll try to get back to you 2morrow, if you want to chat about Bears’ selection. Talk to you / Best,

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