Any of you shake your head back and forth very quickly?

What reason or reasons do you do this?

Could be a medicine side effect or a tick of some sort. Just brainstorming

No, I hate the echo.

Usually involves my wife asking me if I want to spend time with her parents.


Funny but not helpful

Take the joke lol. Yes, I cannot stop moving though most of the time I don’t want to move. I’m not tired or awake. To keep stable a lot of the time I move around and I like to rock on my chair. Moving your head is a natural coping mechanism of your brain when it is under high stress.

Not enough information available to offer an opinion. Occam’s Razor: Most likely reason is medication side effects. I developed severe Parkinson’s like movements on lithium and higher does of the older APs. Or it could be a neurological or other health disorder unrelated to SZ. Best to talk to a doctor about it.

See a doctor about it.
Good luck…

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