Any of you Americans apart of dhmas?

I am…I get apartment inspections and a case worker as a result of it but wondering what else this can POTENTIALLY get me?

Like if my family ditched me what would they do for me.

Just curious because I’ve been in it for a year and a half but still don’t know much about it

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Idk whats dhmas? I never knew they had assistance for us like this in the US. @turningthepage

Department of mental health and addiction services

I’m not sure if you have to be on disability or not…but I’m sure it helps to be.

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I’m in the process right now. My medical examiner requested all my psychiatric medical records from when I was a minor until now so it may take a while. I gave her all addresses, names, phone numbers, fax numbers and estimated dates based on my insurance. She also said if it’s not enough I have to go to one of their psychiatrists.

Thank you for the information but I honestly don’t know the ins and outs.

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I’m not in America but that sounds like a great service.

I live in a state that voted for an idiot 2 term governor in 2008, so there is no chance that I can get this if it is funded on the state level.

I’m an american too but I don’t know that much about what services can be offered to me. So far I just waiting to see if I can get on disability. I heard you can get free medical if you get medicare or something like that. How do you get that free housing or housing assistance or whatever? I’m still trying to figure out what I can do if my parents pass away. Still don’t know what the rest of my family could do.

You can get on medical if your income is below $1375/mo. i believe. I am on it, as soon as i get evaluated by my doc and apply for ssi i will try to get on section 8 housing waiting list. hopefully it is available in my area.

My disability is less than 1375 and I have no other income

I was on Medicaid for a little while then after 2 years on disability I automatically qualified for Medicare part b extra help … They were gonna take 130 a month out my disability but then changed their minds
The whole systems kinda a crock but I get good benefits so shouldn’t complain

Section 8 is part of dhmas here…but the wait list is crazy long. I believe they take out 1/3 of your disability per month for rent if you’re in section 8

Also you can live in a group home for cheap if you’re in dhmas…I think…I think that’s the answer to my question…if I went homeless they’d stick me in a group home

Even though I get a large disability check (it’s large even though it’s less than 1375)…I live on the “gold coast” of Connecticut where rent is crazy high even in the bad places …my parents help me live in a middle class city…we split the costs of my rent/utilities/etc… But if my parents decided to say “you’re on your own” I think dhmas would take me in