Any news about encenicline?

Was just wondering if anyone in the encenicline trails have any news about how its going and if you think the drug is effective? Or any new basic info about the drug thanks.

BUMP still interested to know if anyone is in the trials :slight_smile:

never heard of the drug…does it have another name?

It does,you can google Evp-6124 or Encenicline,i believe it is at phrase 3 of the clinical trial…but it would take at least 3 more years before it is on the market provided that it past the clinical trial.
Evp-6124/Encenicline is said to be able to help with cognitive symptoms in schizophrenia like short term memory and thinking,it also is being tested for alzemier


This has a link to a upcoming webcast about Encenicline Tuesday, April 14, 2015, at 10:00 a.m. ET

Im looking forward to hearing how the drug is doing for Cog and Neg symptoms of schizophrenia.

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From February

From there you can find link to the open access article.

Also google scholar


I fit that profile perfectly.

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All of the phase III trials end in 2016. If it all looks good and if we’re lucky it can be available in 2016-17


I watched the video from them the trials end next month and data will be released 1st 1/4 of 2016, if all goes well it will be released in 2nd half of 2017.
It has been passing tests on both cognitive and negative symptoms which is good news.

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Interesting, can you put up a link to the video?
and some of the info is in the the slides so make sure you scroll though them.

I’ve been on encenicline (EVP-6124) trials for 6 months.
2 weeks left. I could be on a placebo.
I haven’t noticed much improvement.
After two weeks I will get put on the extension trial.
Then we will be put on either 1mg or 2mg doses for another six months.

A short while before starting the trial I made this video.

It demonstrates my cognitive abilities thinking on the spot. All my other videos are scripted.
I plan on making another video but probably once I know when I’m on in the extension trial.

If you have any questions feel free to ask :smile:

P.S. In that video I mention something about bradanicline, similar to this drug. I thought I may have been going on that as they never told me until I was given the study drug.


hi @IFM I am very interested in Encenicline or drug that works similar to that,can you please please update us on the effect when you get on the extension trial?

I could be tested for this drug,but the staff on my hospital is not interested or is not keen enough to want me in,i called them a few time for encenicline but to no result…I still had the form of trial Encenicline with me…BTW I thought the trial works this way,that they rotate everyone in the group that tried this meds,EG:2 months placebo,2 months 1mg,2 months 2mg…or are you on a different type of study?Thanks

I’ll try my best to keep everyone here updated.

I’m not quite sure how the trial works. I’ve always had a suspicion it works the way you’ve mentioned.
However I believe they try and keep it a secret. As far as I’ve been told the staff that run the trial in my local hospital have no idea what we are given and all results are sent overseas to be analysed.

Once a month we go through a variety of tests. 4th and 5th months we don’t have to do a cognitive assessment but on the final day we do a cognitive assessment. A bit confusing.

I would assume they run the same trial all over the world.

My pdoc is running this encenicline trial at our local hospital so it was easier for me to get in. He told me about it in 2012 however I was unstable on my current AAP at that time and to be eligible for the trial we need to be stable and not require a change of antipsychotics. At that stage we were also not allowed to take a benzodiazapine medication. and benzotropine has always been a no-no. I joined the trial when benzo’s were ok as long as we didn’t use them a few days before our visit to the clinical trials unit.

On my next visit, I will ask if they know if dosages are changed over the initial study.

Hope this answered your questions :smiley:

Great to hear from someone in the trial - Thanks!

I also hear good things from the researchers - everything is moving ahead strongly, and saw some recent news that the company is looking at raising more money to move the drug towards launch. The story below is for Alz, but the same is true for schizophrenia (it it works in one, it should work in the other).

Thanks for the update, hopefully you are on placebo since you dont notice much effect.
Please keep us updated I have been interested in this drug for along time :).

oh SzAdmin could you tell me what the researchers have told you?? thanks

Just that generally things are looking good right now.

Hello all,

I’m on the extension of the clinical trial now.
I’m on either 1mg or 2mg.

It’s not looking very hopeful for me.
Thought blocking is still an issue for me.
My concentration doesn’t seem to be improving.

But I cannot paint an accurate picture as to how it’s affecting me.
As soon as I got put on the extension trial I also changed my antipsychotic to try and improve the sexual dysfunction symptoms Invega was causing me and I believe I’ve deteriorated because of the change in antipsychotic.

My Geodon just kicked in, I’m sleepy as! I’ll try to remember to come back soon and continue my discussion.

Wishing you all the best and plenty of smiles :smile:

Thanks for the update, starting to worry that this drug isnt effective :frowning: hopefully its working for some people.
Have a good sleep and keep me and everyone else thats interested updated.