Any Musicians in here?

i wrote 2 love-raps and recorded them for my husband but i’ve never performed
i wrote monologues and plays for theatre too but haven’t performed them either


When I was on Risperdal - I was a zombie and didn’t function in the creativity almost at all. I said it to my nurse and she let me to switch to Zypadhera. My life has at least become good in the ‘coming up with the stuff’ then afterwards.


Hey man, I´m finishing my jazz performance degree and I was on the same boat as you 3 years ago.
Here is my story: I don´t socialize well by any means after sz, I´m awkward, I don´t wash my clothes and I just don´t wanna talk to anybody.
But the jam sessions were something completely different. It forced me to be clean and socialize because I really needed them. They are the only source of socialization that I really like, and when I started going there I was excited all week to go there and play. I usually play a couple of tunes, talk to people 15 min and go home.
Plus music school and jams are full of “weirdos”. No one will ever notice anything from your behavior.
I think jams are awesome for two reasons. The musical and the personal/social. Forcing yourself to be out there will give you immense confidence and emotional healthiness in no time.

EDIT: I just realized you were talking about gigs, no jams. Well, if you play “modern music” (that´s how we call it here) just going to jams 3 times a week will stop the nerves in no time. Sometimes you can get even more pressure in the jams than in a live concert.


My anxiety can get so astronomically high before and during a performance that I actually HAVE to quit the performance, apologize, and walk off stage.

This experience affected me so badly that I have yet to perform on stage again 14 years later. I even have a very hard time performing privately, offstage.

It depends on how well I know the person I’m performing for. The better I know them, the better I do.

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I would know as well how to perform classical music (or music where everything is written out). As an improviser, at least i can do some bars of silence in between to reorganize my thoughts.

BTW @SkinnyMe do you know Kenny Werner? He is a very accomplished jazz pianist. He has a book and some talks on youtube about his own experience with different psychological aspects of performing.

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@dreamer54 , Back in the mid 2000’s to the mid 2010’s, or thereabouts, I was really getting into listening to (not playing), jazz music in a very big way while at the same time studying classical piano performance and composition. Don’t ask me why the dichotomy. Eventually, I settled into enjoying listening to classical piano concerts, as I do today.

And no, I’ve never heard of Kenny Werner. What instrument does he play?

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Oh, piano! What is the name of his book? I will look him up on YouTube. Thanks. @dreamer54

I like singing to myself although I’m out of tune.


Some people call it “new wave” as a derogatory connotation. I think it´s the right book for some people tho. It´s called effortless mastery. It covers different topics ranging from performance anxiety to why we don´t enjoy practising. His playing is extremely free and his sound is amazing. But for sure he knows his theory.

I´m watching Becoming The Instrument (Masterclass) - Kenny Werner - YouTube right now. I didn´t know he had a new book!

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Thankyou @dreamer54 .

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My guitars have been my therapists for 50 years, plus a bit of vocals when my vocalchords were younger lol.

I wish I could sing.
But am pretty out of tune.

Last time I was drunk I sang well.

But I was drunk.

That’s not me when I’m drunk… Sob sob sob sob sob :sleepy:

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Don’t stress, tons of musicians/vocalists perform and/or record intoxicated. I can think of a few singers who literally collapsed on stage coz they were too wasted. And these are known acts. So, sing your heart out! Have fun with it! :microphone:


Aw thanks. Unfortunately I’m not a believer in alcohol anymore. Yeap I can think of Amy Winehouse., she died at 27…

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yeah i plau drums. didnt used to be nervous about playing live like at 18. had fun with it. got nervous about it when i got older. i dont think ill play live again because of that and being so rusty.

I played guitar since my youth. Was in a band at one point and did maybe shy of a dozen concerts. The first ones were the worst considering nervousness. But I got more confident with time. Learned from my mistakes, athough the nervousness didn’t go away, it got better.

I think it’s like this for most people though. It’s not a coincident that especially musicians often get mixed up with drugs. It’s a hard life pleasing the crowds.

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