Any musicians here that can help us jam?

we’ll have piano, electric guitar, drums and a singer and there will be three of us,

so has anyone got any suggestions for a good jamming session with those things?

does anyone jam, like practice

Let the spirit of rocknroll flow through you.

I used to, back from ages 15-22. I stopped playing music just to become an avid listener. I’d rather listen then entertain, is what I really mean to say. To hell with entertaining. I used to write good stuff and had legit skills but there was simply no audience for my stuff or I couldn’t get my stuff noticed. It was a rude awakening about music and who really does & doesn’t get to stay relevant.

You gotta do it for fun man. Don’t put so much pressure on you to be a famous musician. Just do it cuz you enjoy it. How old are you now? Regardless, it’s never too late to do it again for fun.


I’m 27 now. And no, I forfeited that stuff for a greater good. I definitely honed my mind & ears to be more adept to appreciating my favored genres - or just sound or silence in general… That’s all that matters.

I just spent today, for instance, listening to old video game tracks. I appreciate the simpler sounds of reality.


yes its just for fun, nothing serious lol,

i’d like to practice writing songs but its been a long time, i’ve been wanting to go to a song writing class but idk if it will fit in to my schedule.

i’ve got fed up writing poems and got fed up trying to learn guitar bc my heart wasnt in it but now we know this guy who has some instruments and he wants to have a jamming session so i dug out the old guitar, dusted it off.

btw i’m 33 and over here they say when you get to a certain age you want to play an instrument more apparently


Yup I just starting learning guitar and piano last year and I am not good but I love it!!!

You should pick some music style you like. And learn the chords and scales that are used in it and just mess around

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i like singing and have been honing that skill for a couple of years now, my favourite song i’ve been trying to sing lately is princes of the universe by queen, its a hard song but i love it, i think my voice is my greatest asset just now, but i think i’d love to play piano,

i always wanted to play guitar but after years of trying i lost the will to even try, but i have been reinvigorated so i picked it up again, i want to sing and play at the same time and i like ‘the gambler’ and ‘sweet home Alabama’ so wanting to learn those and maybe a bit of ‘avicii’ bc i was looking up you tube last night.

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