Any meat lovers here?

I mainly eat chicken but will have beef occasionally.
Not a huge fan of fish unless it’s tuna, preferably in a sandwich with plenty of avocado oil mayo.

I won’t touch raw fish (sushi)

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[ spools up Shakespearean insult generator ]

I scorn you, scurvy companion. What, you poor, base, rascally, cheating, lack-linen mate! Away, you moldy rogue, away!

So, uh, there. Also:


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Hah! I’ll screw my courage to the sticking place.


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My Beyond BBQ burger - vegetarian meat goodness. Looks lame :unamused: but taste like a burger.


Jordan Peterson’s daughter is on an all meat diet. She CAN’T eat plants or anything else without having a whole bunch of health problems. She told her story at an Oxford University debate…

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Do you beat your meat? :smirk:

Half serious lol.

Then it is more tender to eat?


My mom does beat out meat, its super good, cooks in no time

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Yeah man i want to try it some day

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Your mom 151515

When I think of meat I think of baby animals frolicking around and enjoying themselves and loving and hoping and wishing and craving and wanting and being hungry and wanting fulfilment… sex, etc
see beauty, taste, feel jealousy competition anger And want life above all else…
everything we are, so it is with other mammals
I also look at my own fingers and think, Well it’s a bit like eating that isn’t it?
occasionally eat meat when I really feel if I need it after ages of being vegan but i hate myself for it
I still butcher joints for my husband for Stew though
You can’t really taste anything else when you eat meat… Vegetables taste like shite…
nothing like loving vegetables and tofu when you don’t eat animals,It’s a completely different experience which I’m not gonna convince anybody of
vegan burger


When I look at baby animals frolicking around I wonder how they taste.

Especially their ankles.


My gf likes vegan chicken tenders from walmart. And also the beyond meat stuffs

Ill admit the vegan chicken tenders were pretty good with ketchup.

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Filet mignon


I detest meat I don’t like having to eat a dead animal to love
I especially hate all red meat it is just blood
I eat chicken and turkey but only because it’s easier
I don’t mind in fact I like dairy food such as milk eggs cheese cream

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