Any leftie gamers in here?

I think Some Sz ppl are lefties… so… any lefties in here?

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I’m a lefty but I play right handed. Meds reduce my reaction times.


What meds u on lad?

Vraylar, cymbalta, and propranolol.

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I’m ambidextrous, but play southpaw with inverted camera. It annoys everyone I have ever played with.

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Whats ur settings?

What do you mean?

Do u play MOBAS?

I used to play League of Legends, but haven’t played in a bit.

did u just use default settings? orrrrr

No, I used 12345/f1f2f3f4 and a few buttons on my mouse. When I use mouse and keyboard for games I use the mouse in my right hand. I just use southpaw with a controller.

o.o’’ my goshness

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Did I say something wrong?

Nothing lol haha

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I’m a proud right-hander. :slight_smile:

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