Any know good music to listen to?

what type of music to listen to when you got a mental illness?


Korpliklaani man with a plan


I think I have every or nearly every genre and sub-genre of music in my library. For me music is a great tool for processing emotions/thoughts/moods etc, as well as for fueling creativity, so I like to have different types of music for different emotions/moods/etc or different creative projects/activities, making the good or best choice whichever best fits my mindset and the situation at hand.

I also imagine this is different for different people, as well. I find that when I am feeling some more intense sadness, for example, that sad music is very helpful in processing it and getting it out, so to speak. But people with clinical depression might need to actually avoid sad music, as it might just drag them down deeper without helping them process anything.


@azley knows it.
I like Of Montreal. The Underground Youth also. But I’m sure he’s got even better recommendations.

Dr. Hook and the Medicine show - “Sweetest of All”.

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just recently iTunes has a yearly subscription and the first three months are free. I signed up and you can download as many song as you want to your library, even full albums and it is 9,99 per month.

Recently I have been listening to a lot of lounge and chill out remixes. I don’t like lyrics a lot. I also like DJs like Kygo and Robin Schulz or Grammatic, easy to listen in a good mood.

I like classic rock and hip hop lol

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Always Twenty One Pilots. Almost exclusively. So happy!!!

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Genius Robert Rich, there was a time where I listened this track like 3 days and 3 nights with not taking out an ear buds, sleeping and awake, it’s a discovery and long long travel to unknown and fascinating at the same time. Headphones must, or not worth playing without.

Robert Rich - Perpetual. A Somnium Continuum (8h Complete Masterpiece) [2014]

Another I used listen 1-2 year back

Robert Rich - Somnium

Both need headphones, impossible to capture atmosphere otherwise.

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I can’t say that i know any good music, only what i like to listen to.

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i like 80s and 90s music…

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