Any kids my age here?

I’m 15. I’m just wondering is here anyone my age or around that age?

There are a couple but I forgot their names, one is a female.

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I am 50 on 15. Feel free to chat what ever you might want to get rid of.

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Is that a admittance

What do you mean?

When I was your age I was into basketball, football and Tupac and that was about it.

Had never even thought about schizophrenia yet.

Now I’m twice your age. God bless you because this illness isn’t easy. I think there are slight advantages To and disadvantages Too of getting it at every certain age

Like you’re 15 if you have Sz you probably are ahead of the curve in the route of recovery But the illness is supposed more devastating to younger people on average in some senses

If I could give you any advice. Trust the doctors. Trust the process. Don’t think you’re head honcho. A mistake many szs make is they get out of control grandiose when they first experience psychosis especially.

People older than you tend to know more than you.

If humans could live till 200 years old you’d see such remarkable increases in intellect for a reason.

Experience is a great teacher

Kids are beautiful. Kids are the future. They must be protected at any cost. But listen to the rhythm, wisdom, vibrations of the elders


I dont have sz just psychosis NOS

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Gotcha sorry for the accusal of “misdiagnosis” (I’m not a doctor)

But Still that wisdom could be helpful to anybody

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